Sandwich of the Week: Pork Slope’s Brisket Sandwich

Smoky simplicity from this Park Slope, Brooklyn newcomer
Pork Slope's Brisket Sandwich
Dan Myers

The smoked brisket sandwich from Pork Slope in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Through his appearances on two seasons of Top Chef, his time in the kitchen at New York’s acclaimed Buddakan, and the resounding success of his Brooklyn restaurant Talde, one thing is certain: chef Dale Talde knows how way around good food. One thing that might come as a surprise? He also knows his way around barbecue. Barbecue brisket, to be exact.

His newest endeavor (along with partners John Bush and David Massoni) is Pork Slope, a roadhouse-style bar and restaurant nestled on a tree-lined avenue in Brooklyn’s tony Park Slope neighborhood. Cheap beer, mounted boar’s heads, a dart board, and a pool table help to keep the place crowded from open till close, but Chef Dale’s food is a major draw.

Wings, burgers, tater tots, pulled pork, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, ribs, and a killer shrimp po’ boy are all on offer, and they’re all delicious and made using the highest-quality, unprocessed ingredients. It’s bar food on the outside, gourmet on the inside. But one true standout is the brisket sandwich.

The meat is slow-smoked until it’s nearly falling apart, doused in homemade sweet-tangy barbecue sauce, and piled onto buttered Texas-style toast. A few pickles are placed on top for good measure, and the sandwich arrives in a paper-lined basket with a couple wet-naps and plenty of extra sauce on the side.

It’s a gem of a sandwich in a gem of a bar, and it’s our pick for Sandwich of the Week. 



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