Sandwich of the Week: The Nobu Hotel's Nobu Club

A $25 club sandwich that looks like sushi? Sure. It's Vegas
Nobu Club
Colman Andrews

Las Vegas' Nobu Hotel gives the traditional club sandwich the Nobu treatment.

The elegant new Nobu Hotel, a recent addition to the multi-faceted little 4,000-room Las Vegas caravansery known as Caesar's Palace, is the latest brand extension for Japanese superchef and black-cod-with-miso magnate Nobu Matsuhisa. (The hotel, which opened in February, occupies what used to be the Centurion Tower.) There is of course a Nobu restaurant — said to be the largest of the more than 20 such eateries around the world. But because it's a hotel, there's also room service — and what's room service without a club sandwich?

This one's a little different from the norm, though: It's finely chopped turkey, bacon, lettuce, and tomato in a rich, thick butter sauce, packed inside a thin baguette (the kind the French call a ficelle, or string), then sliced into rounds and placed upright so that they vaguely resemble maki rolls. A tangle of baby greens, lightly but tartly dressed, in the middle of the arrangement is the only accompaniment. The price tag: $25. But the "rolls" are delicious, somehow both creamy and crisp, and they taste like a really good club sandwich. And, hey, it's Vegas. It's Nobu.