Sandwich of the Week: The Gorbals' GLT

Like a BLT — but better

The Gorbals' GLT, a satisfying fried chicken skin experience.

After winning season 2 of Bravo's Top Chef (then but a shadow of its current juggernaut self), Ilan Hall left his station at Casa Mono, did some traveling and wound up across the country in sunny California with plans of opening his first restaurant. That establishment, The Gorbals, is located in trendy downtown Los Angeles, and it's the home of this week’s Sandwich of the Week, the GLT.

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Everyone’s familiar with the classic BLT — bacon, lettuce, and tomato slathered in mayonnaise. But chef Hall has one-upped every version out there, channeling his roots and challenging pork fiends with his GLT — gribenes, lettuce, and tomato. The inspired filling is nothing more than chicken skin, simply fried to savory, crisp perfection. As the saying goes, "bacon makes everything better", but gribenes might just be the exception to the rule. asked chef Hall about the inspiration for the sandwich. His reply? "I don’t know, it just made sense!" And really, why look a gift horse in the mouth? Especially when that mouth is filled with fried chicken skins. As an added bonus, Hall and his team realized that in using gribenes instead of bacon, the sandwich is kosher.



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