San Diego to Get a Public Market Offering Local Products From 30 Vendors Under One Roof

San Diego to Get a Public Market Offering Local Products From 30 Vendors Under One Roof

There’s really no shortage of things to do around San Diego, however, the city is lacking in one thing: a large public area devoted to artisanship. We have our fair share of regular farmers markets, but we could use a more permanent location to discover artisanal foods and goods. Enter Blue Bridge Hospitality and their $3 million plan to turn a warehouse in Liberty Station on Historic Decatur Road into an indoor/outdoor experience called the Liberty Public Market. It will feature the best locally-crafted food and merchandise.

Currently scheduled to open in the summer of 2015, the venue hopes to be a beacon for locals and travelers looking for San Diego-based products. With 22,000 square feet of space available, Liberty Public Market will be able to lease shop space to at least 30 vendors.

san diego publicPhoto Courtesy of Fitch

A few of the intended goods will include handmade tortillas, butcher services, fresh seafood, local produce, and regional wines. It’s also expected that many of these purveyors will have quick-service counters which should make it an easy spot to grab a quick lunch on the weekdays.

Like many of the fixtures found at Liberty Station, the market is being created from a restored military structure. This one is the largest the area holds, and is a conversion from a large naval commissary originally built in 1921.

For San Diegans who’ve yet to visit the area and tourists looking for something that features all the great flavors and cultures of America’s Finest City, the market will hopefully be a great addition to San Diego’s many attractions.