The Saffron Extract Diet

New studies show that the saffron extract diet might be more than just another diet fad

Studies show that the saffron extract diet is an effective way to curb your appetite.

While it sounds lavish, the saffron extract diet might be more than just another diet fad.  Although it could be argued that the diet is just another new diet trend, it differs in that it’s backed by multiple studies and The Dr. Oz Show, where he encourages audience members and people at home to try the product if they are interested in losing weight.

While we’ve seen some pretty crazy diets this summer, this diet seems to have potential. Featured on The Dr. Oz Show, the diet is said to be a long lasting appetite suppressant. Dr. Oz credited it for being a legitimate way to curb your appetite, boost serotonin levels naturally, and lose weight while not changing your diet at all.

Satireal saffron extract works by naturally increasing serotonin levels in your body, which control both appetite and mood. While it’s been proven that your mood affects how you eat, and can often cause binge eating, increasing your serotonin has been proven to decrease appetite.

Spokesman for the saffron extract’s website was quoted as saying “Saffron extract helps you avoid those sugar ridden, calorie-loaded snacks you desire so badly,” reports WebWire. The report then went on to explain that in clinical studies, women who took the supplement decreased their food intake, and 84 percent of women also reported a decrease in appetite.