Is Nutella the New Diet Trend?

Reporter Joy Bennet claims that she’s lost significant weight from her ‘Nutella diet’

New diets come out daily, but this one might be more exciting than others

First a gold diet, and now a Nutella diet? Diets are getting better with time, but Joy Bennet of the Jewish Journal released an article claiming that a diet strictly based on Nutella helped her ‘melt away’ the pounds and satisfied all of the her sweet cravings. Seeing as Bennet isn’t an accredited physician, her claims might sound ridiculous, but the diet seems to be working for all of the right reasons.

The diet she developed typically avoids all kinds of bread and high calorie foods. She mainly eats fresh fruits, veggies, high protein, low fat meals, and even allows herself to have alcohol, coffee, and juice in moderation. While she discourages snacking, she says that fresh fruits and veggies, as well as raw nuts like almonds, are fine as long as they’re in moderation.  Nutella comes in after lunch and dinner, when Bennet has a teaspoon of the spread to eliminate her cravings for sweets and help keep her satisfied until her next meal.


This diet isn’t so crazy — experts from the University of Maryland Medical Center report that Nutella is very high in minerals and vitamins, with one gram of fiber per two tablespoons, and this has been found to typically lower cholesterol. Nutella is also shockingly high in iron and calcium, which increase red blood cell counts, and are even rumored to reduce your risk of suffering a stroke and colon cancer. While only 34 calories per teaspoon, it’ important to remember that Nutella is very high in sugar and saturated fat, so just a little at a time is perfect for your ‘Nutella diet.’