Man Threatens to Bomb Plane After Servers Deny Him Beer

A Ryanair passenger said he was going to detonate a bomb if he did not get a beer
Ryanair Airplanes


A passenger on a Ryanair flight in Spain reportedly threatened to detonate a bomb because the flight attendants wouldn't give him more beer.

Considering the extreme state of security around airports and air travel these days, it seems like a person would have to be very drunk to think it was a good idea to make a bomb threat on an airplane, but this week a man did just that when flight attendants told him he could not have a beer.

According to The Local, the man was on a Ryanair flight in Spain on Thursday, and just before the plane was scheduled to begin landing, he reportedly stood up and screamed that there was a bomb on the plane and he was going to detonate it because the flight attendants would not serve him beer. It is not clear whether the beer request had been denied because the man was already extremely drunk or because the flight was about to land, but either way the man’s sudden outburst terrified the passengers around him and caused the pilot to alert the airport to a potential security threat on the plane.

The plane was examined for explosives as soon as it landed, and the threat alert was called off after investigators said there were none to be found. As for the man, he was taken from the plane by agents from Spain’s Civil Guard.

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