Ryan Lochte Trained for the Olympics with Beer

Beer kegs, silly — Lochte used the 25-pound kegs for training

Let's be real: we all know that swimmer, Olympian, and overall stud Ryan Lochte didn't earn that six-pack by guzzling beer. However, we do know now that Lochte did use beer — to an extent — to train for the London 2012 Olympics. 

As reported in The Drinks Business and Web MD Health News, Lochte's head coach Matt Delancey revealed that the swimmer used a Strongman training approach that included, well, throwing 25-pound beer kegs around. And if that sounds intense, it's nothing compared to the 400-pound boat chains and 650-pound tires he also dragged and flipped around during training. Lochte spent between one-and-a-half to three hours each week throwing these heavy objects, Delancey said, who said he needed the "variety" of an unconventional workout. 

Sound crazy? Hey, the kid's got medals now. Guess it's good to know what you can do with those empty kegs after a party.