Ryan Gosling and Zooey Deschanel Say 'I'm Hatin' It' to McDonald's

The actors signed a letter to McDonald's along with other celebs

Last month, McDonald's dropped their egg supplier, Sparboe Farms, when it became known that the farm was mistreating their animals. Now, a couple of celebs want Mickey D's to step up their game even more.

In a letter from Mercy for Animals, the celebrities request that McDonald's commits to buying eggs from cage-free suppliers. "As the largest egg buyer in the entire country, McDonald's has the power — and the moral responsibility — to ensure that the eggs in its Egg McMuffins don't come from rotten egg suppliers," they write.

Alongside Ryan Gosling and Zooey Deschanel, Emily Deschanel, Wendie Malick, Alicia Silverstone, Maria Menounos, Kristin Bauer, Steve-O, Bryan Adams, and Ed Begley, Jr. also signed the letter. The tagline? "I'm Hatin' It." Now all we need is a Tumblr meme.

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