Media Mix: McDonald's Egg Scandal; Korean Tacos Hit Seoul; and Defending Chocolate Milk

We've rounded up the biggest headlines you may have missed
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

The Daily Byte brings you the biggest news from the food world.

McDonald's and Target Drop Egg Supplier: The two megachains dropped their largest egg supplier, Sparboe Farms, after a video showing animal cruelty was released. The video was taken by animal rights group Mercy for Animals and shows animal cruelty in five Sparboe facilities. [Atlanta-Journal Constitution]

Is Chocolate Milk Healthy?: With school nutrition becoming a larger debate in the political landscape, reformers are getting rid of chocoalte milk in schools. Yet, researchers are looking into the benefits of chocolate milk, which some people call "soda in drag." [NPR]

Try George Washington's Home Brew: A reporter runs across our first president's recipe for beer, gives it a mixed review. [WSJ]

Heinz New $1 Products: The company finds that more people are buying smaller packs for cheaper prices, so they're releasing a line of smaller packages for low-income families. This is a complete turnaround from their balsamic vinegar ketchup. [Food Navigator]

Seoul Tries Korean Tacos: The Los Angeles fusion concept makes it back to the motherland, with kimchi quesedillas and galbi tacos, topped with a completely new Korean-based sauce. [WSJ]

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