Roberto Cavalli RTW Spring 2014: We Love His 1920’s Styles and Piles of Patterns


True to the iconic 'more is more' touch of Roberto Cavalli, this week's Spring 2014 collection at Milan Fashion Week was a mix of lace, fringe, metallics and subtle patterning in a '20s Great Gatsby-esque mash-up; probably one of the most beautiful collections I've seen from the Italian designer.
Each piece was heavily layered—patterns were piled over fabrics which were then adorned with even more accent textiles. But despite the excessive overlays the dresses moved beautifully, and each model seemed to float as she walked.
Cavalli has a habit of pilling things on and this show was no different. The models walked out one after another on a wide runway, until it was filled with upwards of seven models at a time. Staggered strategically along the open floor, they walked without a misstep, despite all the extra bodies and excessive fabric.
Detailing on this collection is ridiculously opulent and absolutely stunning with tiny beading sewn onto delicate lace, and lattice-threaded trim crisscrossing across the dresses in a curve-forming pattern. And even these embellishments are decorated: metal chains are threaded with fabric and long thin feathers are added to fur stoles.
The '20s look was seen all over the runway from the cylindrical tassel clutches to the art deco beading to the basic cut of the dresses. And while shimmering leopard and snake print, tassels, chains, lace, ruffles and fur doesn't sound like a dress out of your favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, the subtle blending of these details will surprise you. The use of a vintage silhouette and contemporary details allow Cavalli to give this collection a timeless look.