A Risky-Business Party

Watch the competitive side of your friends come out at this risky-business themed party.

What is it about quizzes? From quizzes on the web, to those in magazines — even those on Facebook — there is something irresistible about these simple self-evaluation tests. Plus, they are the perfect tool for procrastinating during the workday. 

If you find yourself taking a quiz at least once a week, you might want to think about recording some of the questions you’ve been asked for a risky-business-themed party. Whether it’s “What cartoon character would you be?” or “What beer suits your personality?” many enjoy analyzing themselves and comparing results, and what could be more fun than watching your friends discover and compare how much of a daredevil they are.

Guests will be categorized “high-risk” or “low-risk” based on how many daredevil acts they have done. This simple activity is the perfect icebreaker for those awkward moments so often encountered at cocktail parties (“So, what have you done that warrants that orange sticker?”). It also guarantees a whole lot of laughter, smiling, woo-hoos and high-fiving — all indicators of a good party.



In advance of the party, start brainstorming risky and daring activities to create your own list. We generally limit the list to 10-12 entries to keep things short and sweet, and tailor the entries to our guests (maybe include “kissed a total stranger” instead of “had a one-night stand” if you’ve got a more tame crowd). You can also do as we did, and start an email going back and forth among friends if you need help building a list — or use some of our favorites, below.

Create a small poster with the risky-business checklist you created and place it near the entry. To the side, place some sheets of orange and white stickers (you can also use different colors), a permanent marker, and the instructions for determining how risky you are

As guests arrive, tell them about the list as you hand them a margarita, as you’ll need to loosen them up a bit. Naturally, guests will gather around the list as they mentally work their way through it and tally the number of risky things they’ve done. Once their score is tallied, they should get an orange “high-risk” sticker or a white “low-risk” sticker to wear. A score of 6 or more categorizes people as risky, and they should get an orange sticker. For those with 5 or lower, they are more risk-averse and should wear a white sticker.



Give Yourself 1 Point for Each of the Following Risky Things You’ve Done

  1. Kissed a stranger
  2. Eaten the worm at the bottom of a bottle of mezcal
  3. Streaked
  4. Had a one-night stand
  5. Crashed a wedding
  6. Lied about your age or occupation to get a date
  7. Drunk the water in Mexico
  8. Kayaked/rafted/canoed in rapids of any class over 3
  9. Jumped off a cliff while skiing (intentionally)
  10. Skinny-dipped in daylight
  11. Bungee-jumped
  12. Eaten any kind of insect (or brains)
  13. Had a baby without painkilling drugs
  14. Sunbathed nude at a public beach
  15. Skydived or hang-glided

Optional: You can also leave a blank place on the poster where people can write in their own risky acts, if they’re not mentioned on the list — and anonymously, if they wish!


A Risky-Business Menu

The party wouldn’t be complete without a potent cocktail to loosen up people (and their inhibitions), and some delicious cocktail food to keep your guests’ hunger at bay. Our mom’s signature killer margarita is the perfect drink to welcome your guests with, while bite-sized empanaditas — with a kick — are a perfect Mexican-themed pairing. Place some bowls of salted nuts and snack mixes around the room, and make sure to have plenty of pitchers of the margaritas chilling in the fridge. And don’t forget something creamy, like our favorite crab dip that is always a “monster hit” — it’s perfect to serve along with jicama spears, carrot spears, and celery stalks (just make sure you have extra on hand; it will go fast!)