Righteously Good


Just walking into Java Green makes you feel like you’ve reduced your carbon footprint. If any sort of environmental organization isn’t campaigning outside by the tables, which are covered by beautiful large umbrellas, then you’ll find plenty of evidence of their eco activities by the number of pamphlets inside. This righteous little Asian environmental coffee shop is Mecca for all vegans, great for vegetarians, and fun for anyone looking for a change in scenery.

Where else can you get a smoothie made out of strawberry, banana, nut milk, avocado, and agave? The cookies and cream soy milkshake is sweet and silky with a nice nuttiness, while a grilled tempeh, spinach and avocado sandwich is a satisfying if not especially flavorful mouthful. Everything is organic, from the kimchi raw soup to the spicy kelp noodle salad. Vegan sushi is deliciously fresh, with deep purple rice, soy chicken, avocado, and asparagus. If you’re on a health kick, or just passionate about sustainability, Java Green is perfect to veg out in style.