New York City's Mastro’s Steakhouse Serves More Than The Name Would Suggest

This is not your father’s steakhouse

Mastro's Steakhouse

The lobster mashed potatoes are a standout side dish.

The lobster mashed potatoes you see pictured above are indeed a side dish.

Not an entrée served atop its side dish.

Just a side dish.

The Daily Meal was invited for a sumptuous lunch at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Midtown NYC. This steakhouse served a meal that we could not possibly finish even if the three of us sat there pecking at it all day long.

It started off light, with unique sushi dishes like the seared albacore with black truffles; maguro lime roll; hamachi with crispy onions; and ahi tuna tostada, to name a few. However, the real show began when giant shrimp cocktail arrived in a glowing bowl complete with smoking, bubbling dry ice, which the waitress shined a flashlight on for full effect. It was like a smoking cauldron of prawns.

The sides that accompanied our respective steaks were Alaskan king crab black truffle gnocchi; Gorgonzola mac & cheese, and, of course, the lobster mash.

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“Mastro’s is all about indulgence and luxury, so what better way to translate that than taking our creamy garlic mashed potatoes and gliding them a whole butter poached lobster to compliment your great steak?” said executive chef Wade Wiestling.

Sushi chef Angel Carbajol, who co-owns Nick-San in Cabo San Lucas, created the restaurants sushi offerings.

“They have a very unique California-Mexico twist to them that guests find lighter and tastier,” chef Wiestling said.

With 13 locations across the country, there are literally a ton of opportunities for people across the U.S., not just here in NYC, to combine five meals into one.

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