Industry Kitchen

Modern American cuisine with heavy Spanish and Italian influences

The Hot Apricot pizza was bursting with flavor; a combination of apricot, prosciutto, and sriracha.

The financial district in New York City can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to top dining options. But if you're walking down South Street Seaport you'll see bright lights beckoning you to the water's edge. The Industry Kitchen is settled on an enormous 5,000 square-foot property and boasts a glamorous outdoor seating area. While some restaurants in NYC promise water front views that tend to be quite limited and somewhat disappointing; the Industry Kitchen has a full stretch of real estate that allows the diners to gaze upon Brooklyn's landscape.

And as for the food is not to be overshadowed by their impeccable aesthetic; the restaurant serves up some mouthwatering dishes. To start the meal our waiter recommended the garlic bread, my face twisted in confusion.

Really? Everyone serves garlic bread.

Not like this they don’t. The bread was brought out on a long platter and had been toasted with mushrooms delicately placed on top. My eyes diverted immediately to the white béarnaise nestled underneath. The floating island garlic bread was cradled in an creamy asiago and gorgonzola sauce. This dish is best eaten with a knife and fork, but it’s understandable if you can’t resist grabbing the slabs of bread and dunking them into the creamy sauce. The dish was a playful new take on a stale classic, truly delectable.

The charred octopus was the perfect accompaniment for the first course. The heavier bread dish was lightened by this fresh seafood. I’m a firm believer that you can judge a restaurant by how they cook fish; octopus for example can be easily turned into a rubbery mess. The Industry served up long tentacles that cut like butter. Drizzled with olive oil, garlic, and oregano the fish was not overpowered by its seasoning. The octopus was scattered with potatoes and crispy chorizo, that added a light spice that brought depth to the dishes flavor.

My final recommendation; the Industry Puff. The desserts served here are best described as classics with a twist. The Industry Puff is much what the name promises; a large puff pastry sliced horizontally. It’s stuffed with burnt sugar ice cream, almonds, and berry compote. And finally topped with a mountain of fresh whipped cream and dark chocolate sauce poured tableside. Surprisingly this wasn’t overwhelming. Many establishments seem to think desserts only improve with the more flavors you pile on top, this could not be more wrong. But all aspects of the Industry Puff was well incorporated, with no one ingredient competing with the others. However it was a dangerous thing to order, it’s almost impossible to limit yourself even after a satisfying meal.