David Burke Prime


David Burke Prime: A Connecticut Jewel in Foxwoods’ Crown

This steakhouse is a highlight of the casino-resort

As an adult there are a few options to explore when it comes to escaping our everyday lives for a moment of relief or adventure. Immersing oneself in a good book, indulging in a great meal or attending a live art performance are all great examples. There exists one place, in Connecticut, that offers guests a collection of experiences designed to make even the most astute adult feel like they are in a playground. At Foxwoods Casino and Resort, everything is larger than life, and while that may mean copious amounts of bacon, cupcake vending machines and no less than 4 soon-to-open celebrity chef restaurants, it also means copious attention to detail and fantastic hospitality through and through.

During an overnight stay this past week, I had the opportunity to meet some of the team at Foxwoods. Staying at the Grand Pequot Hotel, I was taken on a wonderfully informative tour of the resort property by public relations manager Adam Jalbert. This gentleman, who has been in the Casino Resort industry for the past 20 years, led me through some of the upcoming trends and expansions. Resorts like Foxwoods are moving away from the simple appeal of gambling and instead, working towards offering more top quality restaurants, shops and live performances. Just this summer, Foxwoods hosted an all-day, outdoor rock festival that surpassed all expectations, paving a way for much more to come.

After my tour, which included a sneaky peak into some of the hotly anticipated restaurant sites including the imminent opening of Guy Fieri’s Foxwoods Kitchen + Bar, dinner was served at David Burke Prime, here the kitchen is headed by Chef Pedro Avila and run by Craveable Hospitality Group. Without a doubt, this was the highlight of the trip. What a team – the feeling of mutual respect for one another, the concept and the care that each aspect of the service receives is palpable and much appreciated.

From a towering display of freshly caught seafood replete with oysters, clams, mussels, lobster and King crab, we were escorted through a wonderful meal at a beautifully indulgent pace. Starting off with a glass of Bruno Paillard Champagne, Sommelier Curtis Gent paired each of our courses with a unique and hand selected wine. At David Burke, nothing is done halfway, all of the red wine can attest to this as they are stored in vertical wine fridge that spans two floors and houses an impressive hand blown glass sculpture.

Following the seafood we enjoyed their signature ‘clothesline bacon’. Thick cut and smoked for 1.5 hours, this bacon is then coated in Vermont maple syrup and served hanging over a bed of smoking rosemary. No joke.

Other must-orders are their table side Caesar salad and, if you can swing it, their steak flight. At David Burke, they take their meat as seriously as everything else. With their state of the art dry-aging room, sirloins are available in 35, 40, 55, 60 and 75 day-aged increments. The older the steak, the more robust and funky the flavor becomes. The process itself is delicate, highly monitored and an art.

Dessert is also a must, no matter how full you are. Their molten lava cake is a classic steakhouse mainstay and any of the housemade gelatos or sorbets are excellent options for a lighter bite. From start to finish, every element throughout your experience is curated and controlled. The team is a family of professionals who are naturally enthusiastic about their work and their guests. Any visit to this resort should entail a meal at David Burke Prime, definitely ask for Curtis and trust in his wine selections – they are golden!

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