Rethinking the Healthy Side Dish

Tips for making vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts a little more fun.

Healthy Vegetables

Vegetables are often an afterthought, steamed and thrown onto the plate as a healthy side to a glorious protein or a buttery starch. Perhaps that’s why vegetables often go un-eaten.

This recipe will help you rethink broccoli, but don’t stop there. Any crunchy vegetable like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and green beans can be used instead of broccoli. Also, feel free to add and subtract from the recipe. Add a couple of minced anchovy filets or switch out the lemon zest for orange or lime zest. If you like heat, add a teaspoon of hot pepper flakes and, for a bit of crunch, try a couple handfuls of lightly chopped walnuts. The beauty of this recipe is it gets the creative juices flowing. Sure, steamed vegetables have their place, but finding ways to add extra flavor will elevate the entire meal and make eating your vegetables a welcomed experience.

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