Restaurant Throws Customers Out, Shuts Down Mid-Dinner

This might beat the 'fired-by-text' dilemma earlier this week, but only in a couple of ways

We're not sure how high this ranks on the restaurant-terribleness scale, but it's pretty bad.

NBC Charlotte reports that a local restaurant decided to shut down immediately after the restaurant management failed to agree with landlords on future lease terms.

The restaurant, Hops Grill and Brewery, called police on Sunday in "anticipation of the shut down to assist wtih crowd control," The Huffington Post reports.

So on Sunday, diners at Hops were interrupted by the police, when management told all their diners to pay up and leave immediately.


"They let the employees know last minute, so families lost their jobs… and we all used to work here. So, it's a big disappointment," a former employee said. After everyone left, a sign went up apologizing for the inconvenience. No word on if workers were given their last paycheck, but if they were, maybe they're better off than the workers who were fired by text message earlier this month.