Restaurant Lays Off Workers Via Text

Cue the 'look at what technology is doing to us!' debate

How touching: A restaurant owner in Winter Park, Fla., decided to tell all his workers that they'd lost their job without prior notice, and all via a mass text message. That's harsher than a text breakup.

WFTV reports that the restaurant, Barducci's Italian Bistro, shut down without prior notice earlier this month. The owner, Gregory Kennedy, sent out a mass text to employees on the Fourth of July, saying, "I unfortunately need to inform you that I have been forced to close Barducci's effective immediately."

More than a dozen employees received the same exact message, WFTV reports, and employees say they're still waiting for their final paychecks from Kennedy. Kennedy responded to WFTV's calls for comment, via text, of course, saying, "Unfortunately businesses are forced to close across Orlando every day especially in the restaurant sector. I am working to resolve issues including final paychecks as quickly as possible."

Watch the news report below.