Critic Roundup: All'onda Is 'Not Quite Like Any Other Place'

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All’onda is the name, and in truth it’s not quite like any other place," says restaurant critic Pete Wells.

This week in restaurant news, New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells reviews All'onda, which he says is “not quite like any other place."

"The space glows with warm invitation to passers-by on East 13th Street, who can see the communal table and bar downstairs and, through second-story windows, the main dining room,” Wells says. “Inside, there are no terrifying beasts with Japanese heads grafted onto Italian torsos, no teriyaki calf’s liver or soba pesto.”

In Washington, D.C. Bidwell is Union Market's "most ambitious restaurant to date" with Chicago native John Mooney, who has cooked all over the world, in the kitchen, says Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema.

"The food at the 120-seat Bidwell, the chef says, 'is a mixture of my history.' Hence the lobster taco, the fish and chips and . . . Swedish meatballs? The last preparation, shaped with pork and beef and draped in a light crème fraîche gravy, pays tribute to Mooney’s mother’s best friend," Sietsema writes.

In Los Angeles, Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold says you can't dine at Brodard Chateau without ordering the nem nuong.

"Brodard Chateau is nem-nuong-centric to the point that, even if you have ordered a rack of lamb and a plate of the delicious fried sweet potatoes with shrimp, the waiter will stand patiently by the table until you tell him what kind of rolls you want," Gold says.


Restaurant Critic Roundup: 3/26/2014


Critic Publication Restaurant Rating
Gael Greene Insatiable Critic Gato
Pete Wells The New York Times All'onda 2 stars
Stan Sagner NY Daily News Skal  
Tom Sietsema Washington Post Bidwell  
Brad A. Johnson Orange County Register IL Barone 2.5 stars
Jonathan Gold Los Angeles Times Brodard Chateau  
Michael Bauer San Francisco Chronicle Torc 2.5 stars
William Porter Denver Post Los Chingones 2.5 stars
Scott Reitz Dallas Observer CrushCraft  

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