Watch What Robin Williams Did With Food

For some of us, Robin Williams' huge personality burst onto the scene in the form of an alien egg pod on the sitcom Mork and Mindy. For others, he was the big blue genie that was awakened in the beloved Disney animation Aladdin. No matter how this man entered our lives, he left it all the same, taking with him a bulk of our happiest cinematic memories.

But rather than focus on his tragic passing, we'd like to take a moment to remember all of the warmth and laughter this actor brought to our lives. To hopefully bring you a smile on this rather tragic day, here are a few of the funny, heartfelt food scenes throughout Williams' career.

Mork and Mindy

In Robin William's debut role, he played a loveable, always hungry alien...

(Youtube/Jerry Muratalla)

Pool of Noodles

Remember the time Robin Williams made us laugh and sob with his adorable pool of noodles for a quirky patient in Patch Adams?


Hook Dinner Insults

Bangarang, Robin Williams, bangarang.


The Birdcage Dinner Scene

"It looks like young men playing leap frog..."


Mrs. Doubtfire

There were countless food scenes worth mentioning in Mrs. Doubtfire. From the dinosaur song about the eating habits of the prehistoric (no meat, big feet!), Mrs. Doubtfire plopping her teeth in the wine glass at dinner, to a "run-by fruiting" at the pool, these iconic scenes made us fall in love with the newly single dad. But best of all is the quick-thinking cream mask from a pie in the fridge...