Remembering Nora Ephron’s Best Food Moments in Film

The writer, director, producer, author, and true romantic died at age 71

When Harry Met Sally

Nora Ephron was a true romantic. She knew how to capture budding romances, lovers' quarrels, and even the sexiest of moments without leaving the table. 

Ephron, a three-time Oscar nominee and best-selling author passed away June 26 at the age of 71. She was being treated for myeloid leukemia and pneumonia. 

Ephron leaves a legacy of great films in her wake. Although her movies were often described as "chick flicks," Ephron seized the opportunity to portray love in all its forms — from parent to child, from husband to wife, between star-crossed lovers, and between siblings. 

She gave millions of women a plethora of go-to breakup films and has created iconic moments with some of the most remembered film scenes of our time. 

With stars including Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Billy Crystal, John Travolta, and Meryl Streep, Ephron created a collection of solid romantic comedies during the past 30 years. Her titles include When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Hanging Up, and her final film, Julie & Julia

While most of her movies dealt mostly with romantic issues, Ephron produced some of the wittiest food film memories that we’ve ever seen. 

Talk a walk down memory lane with these great food moments from Nora Ephron.

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