Redwood Mills Food City Cornmeal Recalled

Grain beetles were found in the cornmeal
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Grain beetles were found in the cornmeal mix.

The Food City cornmeal mix manufactured by Renwood Mills has been recalled due to grain beetles, according to US Food Safety. Although the grain beetles may be unpleasant, they are reportedly benign. Food City also tested corn samples from the milling process as well as other Food City products, and they all turned out to not be infected.

In 2006, The Orange County Register reported a cornmeal recall by Albers grits due to insects found in bugs. Unfortunately, it was during Thanksgiving when cornmeal demand was high, for foods such as stuffing and cornbread.

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It’s not because the cornmeal is old or the manufacturing site is dirty; cornmeal actually has a high exposure to infection. Chowhound suggests you should put the package in your freezer unless you plan to use it right away. But remember, these bugs love the grains and with Thanksgiving just a few months away we do not want to risk our delicious holiday!