Red Wine to Help Hearing, Study Says

We're off to buy a case of wine now, as an investment for the next 20 years of rock concerts

Good news winos; a new study in Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery suggests that red wine can actually help combat hearing loss.

Researchers found that rats who received a resveratrol (a substance found in wine) supplement showed a 90 percent reduction in the markers of inflammation that causes hearing loss, Mens' Health reports.

Rats who did not receive a resveratrol supplement were found to have hearing loss when researcherd measured markers of inflammation, DNA damage, and other notable signs of hearing loss.

Researchers suggest that resveratrol might actually relieve inflammation that causes hearing loss; and while the study focused mainly on rats, results could be applicable to humans as well.


Other foodstuffs that help fight hearing loss? Fish, obviously, as well as apples and fortified cereals, Men's Health reports. We'll be kicking off every rock concert and music festival with a bottle of red and some roasted fish from now on.