Red Drops of Life

Wine, a metaphor of plenty, the perfect company when sharing moments with your friends and enjoying delicious food. What makes a wine different from others? The type of grapes, the area it was produced, the time it has ripened. Yes, to a large extent factors like these determine the wine’s character: type of grape, climate, and the composition of the soil.  As a matter of fact, being an extract of many elements you find in a territory, wine is an ambassador, a liquid representation of geographic area.


But what else makes a good wine, apart from these logical factors and tangible ingredients? Is there something higher, something of indispensable value that makes a good wine so special?
Yes there is: the wine’s soul. The soul that embodies the story of the wine: the care it received from the people that nurtured the crops, their traditions, the rituals, their passion, their unique knowledge kept alive over generations, a whole history. From this point of view we may discover and appreciate a glass of wine much more, because we acknowledge the value of the story behind it.


That’s exactly what the video “RED DROPS OF LIFE” is about.  Imagine a virtual journey from grape to bottle, telling the story the wine has lived. In particular “Red Drops of Life” is visual ode to the Aglianico del Vulture wine, born on the soils of an extinct volcano, a precious red liquid representing culture and the beautiful lands of Southern Italy. Every drop of it is a drop of condensed life. 


“Red Drops of Life” was realized for an online competition called Digital Diary. A innovative way to inspire travelers for Italian destinations. This edition took place in Basilicata, a region in the South of Italy. Seven video makers from all over the world were invited to create a video based on their impressions, sensations and emotions of a 7 days trip. Caspar Diederik, a very talented Dutch video-maker who decided to live in Basilicata, was asked to create a video within the theme of wine.
He managed to capture its essence by releasing the wine’s soul from the moment it gets uncorked. Red Drops of Life treats the viewer on a mind blowing orchestration of images of beautiful places, people, and rituals, and old traditions shared between generations. In the video, the wine is revealed by showing its territory, and vice versa. With this visual poem he not only succeeded writing a visual poetry in a very universal language, but he explained in a simple and attractive way the special story of wine.


An enthusiastic viewer of the video said: “ (…) it's certainly got the dramatic scenery and strategic editing which make you want to book a flight to Italy and drink some wine, before you've even reached the conclusion of the video”.




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