Recipes for National Chip and Dip Day

It's time to dunk: our favorite chips and dip recipes good for warm weather

It's our second-favorite holiday of today (second to National Puppy Day — but they're not as delicious as they are adorable.) Not only are chips and dip awesome for a party outdoors, but they can be as healthy — or unhealthy — as you want. For easy Friday night plans, check out our recipes, grab a few beers or bottles of wine, and kick back outside with friends.

• We all know artichoke dip is addicting — it's even more so with crab added in. Or try a new twist on the classic: baked cauliflower dip.

• It's not the healthiest option to go for, but at least with a 7-layer dip you won't have to plan on anything for dinner.

• No chips-and-dip party is complete without some guac; throw in some tomatillos for a spicy kick.

• Trying to cut back on the fried chips? There's plenty of skinnier alternatives to the potato or tortilla chip: try a crudite (like jicama) or crostini. Or, try a vegetable-packed recipe like the Svelte Green Goddess dip.