Another Reason We Love Brooklyn Brewery: Kaedama Ale, Brewed Just for Ramen

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Brooklyn Brewery made an ale just for New York City's Ippudo

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

he brewery has made a special brew for New York's beloved ramen restaurant, Ippudo,

Brooklyn Brewery, you've won our hearts yet again. The brewery has made a special brew for New York's beloved ramen restaurant, Ippudo.

The partnership between Brooklyn Brewery and Ippudo to make the Kaedama Ale was a natural one, says the brewery in a blog post. "Once we grew up, we discovered that real ramen, like real beer, was actually something really spectacular and delicious," says The Brooklyn Brewery. "... When Ippudo showed us how they make their tonkotsu broth (it takes 24 hours), and their noodles (made fresh every day) and told us about their philosophy of cooking, we knew that they were kindred spirits — exactly our kind of people." 

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The Kaedama Ale ("kaedma" referring to the Japanese tradition of eating ramen) "is brewed from German and American malts, German hops, Belgian candi sugar syrup, and a hint of vanilla bean and then fermented with a Belgian yeast. It has a rich russet color, a slightly spicy dry palate with gentle notes of dark fruit, and a clean dry finish." Our source at Brooklyn Brewery says the beer, which debuted in Ippudo on June 19, has been a runaway hit at all Ippudo locations — and is especially tasty with Ippudo's barbecue ramen special going on now. Be still, our hearts. 

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