Raw Chicken Served on Menu

An authentic yakitori in California features chicken tartare on their menu

You can walk into almost any local yakitori spot and find delicious sashimi, but in California, one place is becoming a little more authentic in their approach. Ippuku in Berkley, California, which is no stranger to experimental plates, is now serving chicken tartare with raw quail eggs on their menu, adding to their already adventurous menu.

Though Ippuku is making headlines with their new addition, Chicken Sashimi has been around for a very long time in Tokyo as well as internationally. . The dish has previously been featured on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain on season four in Tokyo, and the mouth feel of the unusual dish is said to feel like raw tuna or yellow fin by The Daily Beast’s Kara Cutruzzula.


The immediate concern of salmonella poisoning is carefully considered by Christian Geiderman, chef and founder of Ippuku, and he reports that by using the breast meat from local chickens, salmonella is almost entirely avoided. But don’t expect to be able to try chicken sashimi at your local Japanese restaurant, as chicken is usually required to be cooked to a minimum of 165 degrees in most states because of their regulations.