Rappers & Cereal Makes Us Want Some Snoop Loops, Stat

Our latest Tumblr obsession combines two loves: rappers and cereal

One Tumblr combines two loves: rap and sugary cereals.

It's probably known that the staff here at The Daily Meal has a soft spot for the rappers of today (um, especially the Hot Cheetos and Takis kids, although they kind of sold out). So our latest Tumblr obsession happens to take that and combine it with the stuff our childhoods were built on: sugary cereals.

Rappers & Cereal creates mishmashes of rap artists and old school cereals, with Drake holding a box of Frosted Drakes (featuring a smiling Drake with Tony the Tiger), Macklemore's Mackle-s'mores, and ASAP Rocky Road.

The blog artist, Brittany Meronek, is a freelance designer in Tampa, Fla., and took over the blog from a friend. "It's funny to see what gets popular," Meronek told Mashable, which notes that Snoop Dog (or, Snoop Lion?) even posted a photo of Snoop Loops to his Facebook page. That's already a mic drop in our book, but Meronek has kept going. Check out a couple of our favorites below, and keep an eye on the blog for new submissions.

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