Ramps Finally Return to New York City's Union Square Farmers' Market

The coveted allium is once again for sale
Ramps At Union Square Farmers' Market
Dan Myers

Ramps At Union Square Farmers' Market

We’ve been prowling Manhattan’s Union Square Farmers' Market, which takes over the north end of the square every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, for quite a while now awaiting the yearly return of the beloved ramp, and we can now report that it’s finally returned. While the vast majority of vendors were still not selling ramps, one table with a prime spot, Mountain Sweet Berry Farm, was selling them like hotcakes.

Ramps tend to show up in the earliest days of spring, but were delayed by several weeks this year because of the cold spring that we’ve been having so far. Mountain Sweet Berry Farm has traditionally been the first to stock the beloved allium, and they tend to sell out quickly, so we’d recommend getting there early if you’re looking to stock up. Several chefs and kitchen assistants were also in the line, and made off with several bags’ full.

They’re selling for $3.50 a bunch, which isn’t a bad deal. Here are some of our favorite ramp recipes:


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