A Rainbow-Themed Party

Little leprechauns will love searching for a pot of gold at this themed party.
Kids with lollipops

Kids with lollipops

Hosting a children’s St. Patrick’s Day party that is more creative than your typical green theme is easier than you think. Taking inspiration from the rainbow and the lucky pot of gold means this celebration is both fun for all ages and colorful.



Decorating the room with rainbow-colored balloons and streamers will keep the party bright and festive. Purchase plates and cutlery in every shade of the rainbow. When setting the table, tie a different colored balloon to each chair and coordinate that color with the napkin, plate, and cup for that guest's place setting (start with red, and progress to orange, yellow, green, blue, then violet). (Photo courtesy of D. Sharon Pruitt)

To tie everything together, use a green tablecloth (with a runner of Astroturf down the center, if you wish) to tie everything together. Set little pots of gold chocolate coins down the center (adding a leprechaun is optional).


Party Favors

Pack brightly colored goody bags with some of these fun treats:

Large rainbow lollipops 

Bag of gold chocolate coins 

A polished stone or rock to rub for good luck

Mini brightly-colored Play-Doh pots 



Add an Irish twist to traditional party games by playing Pot of Gold Coin Toss or Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun. Good weather? Take the games outside with treasure hunt that has kids searching for a four-leaf clover prize.

Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun

Think Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but using mini hats and a leprechaun poster.

What you need: Mini leprechaun hats, poster board printed with a leprechaun, blindfold, and tape.

1. Blindfold child (Optional: them turn around 3 times to disorient them).

2. Point them towards poster and have them try to place hat on the leprechaun.

3. The hat that is closest to where the hat should be placed wins!


Food and Drink

Dress up your party lunch offerings with these themed sweets and snacks.


Rainbow Cupcakes

What you need: Prepared yellow cake batter (from scratch or a box) and food coloring.

1. Divide batter amongst four bowls.

2. Add a couple of drops of food coloring to each bowl to dye the batter (we like red, yellow, green, and blue).

3. In each muffin tin, layer the four colors (about two tablespoons of each), starting with blue, then green, yellow, and lastly red.

4. Bake and frost as normal. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/trebz)


Clover-Shaped Sugar Cookies

Use a clover leaf-shaped cookie cutter to punch out cookies and then frost the baked cookies with green frosting and shamrock-shaped sprinkles.


Pot 'o (Jell-O) Gold

What you need: Lemon-flavored Jell-O

To make gold Jell-O cubes, simply make the Jell-O as instructed, but chill the mixture in a 9-by-13-inch pan. Once the Jell-O has set, cut into cubes and serve in a glass bowl. 


Green Fruits and Vegetables

Toss together cut up honeydew melon, halved green grapes, and sliced kiwis for a healthy (and green) compliment to the meal. Serve alongside a platter of celery and cucumber spears.


Rainbow Punch

What you need: Rainbow sherbet, ice cubes, and lemon-lime soda.

To make, combine a large scoop of sherbet and a couple of ice cubes in a glass. Top with soda and stir until the sherbet begins to melt. Serve with a rainbow straw.


Minty Milk Floats

What you need: Milk, green food coloring, mint ice cream, and whipped cream.

To make, simply add one cup of milk and one drop of food coloring to a chilled mug. Top with a scoop of mint ice cream and a helping of whipped cream.