Quiz: Which College Do You Belong At? Food Edition.

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Quiz: Which College Do You Belong At? Food Edition.

Take this quiz to find out exactly where you should’ve ended up, based on your personality and food preferences. Whoever chose the perfect school for them based on this quiz (because obviously this quiz is completely exhaustive and perfect), wins.

  1. What's your morning routine?
  2. I wake up early, with plenty of time to eat a hearty breakfast
    I'm a late sleeper. People say breakfast is important, but I wouldn’t know.
    I get up early, because it's noisy outside and hard to sleep in
    Late to bed and early to rise — sleep when you’re dead.
    Wake up early, hit the gym and get my coffee.
    I dunno, it depends.
    I wake up with barely enough time to grab a quick breakfast

  3. When will you splurge on food?
  4. To try new/trendy things
    I don’t splurge on anything
    To get good meat
    To be sure I get what I want
    Try not to splurge, but always tip well!
    Always down to spend my money on food
    Only when I’m drunk enough not to care, thus, late night.

  5. What’s the one thing you couldn't live without?
  6. Organic foods
    Spicy foods
    Breakfast foods

  7. What do you normally do for dinner?
  8. Something fresh and healthy
    Anything cheap
    Something meaty
    GrubHub is my best friend
    Whatever I'm craving
    Something different every time
    I cook for myself

  9. Your friends would say you're
  10. Free-spirited
    A morning person

  11. Your ideal car would be:
  12. A used car
    Top of the line
    A bike
    A hybrid
    Safe and functional
    Customized to my liking, with a vanity plate
    I use public transportation

  13. What part of the country do you want to live in when you're older?
  14. Near some greenery
    Not far from a big city
    Anywhere with good weather all year
    Somewhere with history
    A bustling but quaint town
    A city that never sleeps
    Friendly midwest

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