Puppy’s Life Saved by Getting 'As Drunk as Possible'

A Maltese terrier in Melbourne was saved from certain death by ingesting pure vodka over two days

Charlie the Maltese's life was saved by caring vets who got him 'as drunk as possible.'

After a Maltese terrier in Melbourne named Charlie licked coolant from the floor of his owner’s garage, vets told his owner, Jacinta Rosewarne, that without intervention, Charlie had hours to live. Charlie had ethylene glycol poisoning, which can lead to kidney failure. The vets told Rosewarne that the only solution was to get him as drunk as possible, according to Metro UK

Lucky Charlie survived after he was treated by the Animal Accident and Emergency Hospital in Melbourne, with 700 milliliters of vodka over two days.

“In Australia, the only antidote we have is alcohol,” reported Animal Accident and Emergency on its blog. “Alcohol alters the chemical reaction and stops the kidney failure from occurring.  It is important that we treat these pets as soon as possible after ingestion.”

Charlie, who “went home with a hangover,” was about as much of a nuisance as any little drunkard.

“He was stumbling around, I’d go to pat him and he’d push me away like a normal drunk person, he was vomiting a little, whining like a drunk,” Rosewarne told the Herald Sun. “I thought it was hilarious. It was distressing but funny at the same time.”


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