Pumpkin Carving Party Essentials


Planning your party:

Pumpkin carving parties are fun for kids (and adults) of all ages. When planning your party, the most important thing is to decide whether it will be a BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) party, or if you are going to be supplying them, before sending out the invitations. When making your decision, consider these factors:


Will your guests all want to carve the same size pumpkin? Or will some want the tiny, shelf-size guys and others the gigantic, monster-like ones? Somewhere in between?


Can you feasibly transport all of the pumpkins for your friends to your apartment/home? (This is easier if you have a car).


If you choose not to buy pumpkins for your friends, will they actually bring one over or get lazy?


You can also just supply a variety of pumpkin sizes (and colors) for your guests, or tell them that they can’t come without a pumpkin (they are being invited to a pumpkin carving party).


Choosing your pumpkin:

What to look for in a pumpkin? Medium ones are most preferable when using stencils. But, no matter the size, choose one that is uniformly orange (ripe) without any bruises, cuts or nicks. Also, the smoother the skin, the easier it will be to carve your pumpkin.  And avoid soft spots – it usually means the pumpkin is rotting. Find one you like? Give it a thump – a more hollow-sounding one will be easier to scoop out. And make sure that it can stand on its own, with a nice flat bottom so that a candle can balance inside.



1. A long, thin knife (preferably boning) 

2. A paring knife or an X-Acto

3. Large spoon, like an ice cream scoop or any large spoon

4. Permanent markers or crayons

5. Tarp. You’ll definitely need something to cover the floor or table, but if you don’t live in Maine or the wilderness, then buy some inexpensive plastic tablecloths or old newspapers taped together and use them to line the floor/table.

6. Sharp pointed object. If you are going to get really fancy and detailed with your stencils, then you should also get a poking tool of sorts, like a nail or skewer, to transfer your stencil design onto the face of the pumpkin.


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