President Obama's Beer Choices Scrutinized

Because even the POTUS should like craft beer, right?

We've already speculated on where the presidential candidates eat during the campaign season (and even caught up with President Obama's favorite chef, Wolfgang Puck, about catering presidential events). But it turns out that even Obama's beer choice is under scrutiny. 

Thanks to CNBC's (almost excrutiating) account of a recent campaign stop, we now know that Obama is catering to the working class with his beer choice: Miller Lite and Bud. While in Amherst, Ohio, the POTUS sipped on the "All-American" beers while at Ziggy's Bar. According to marketing consultant Laura Reis, Obama made a safe choice with his domestic beers, saying it was "relatable." And yes, the bartender at Ziggy's told MSNBC he didn't think Obama's order (two Miller Lites, one for him and one for Ohio Governor Ted Strickland) was set up.

But Obama's move has one local beer company a little peeved: Great Lakes Brewing Company told CNBC they were "upset" that he didn't choose a local craft beer to drink. Even the local patron who bought Obama a Bud Light (that'll be a story he tells his kids), said he wanted to suggest a Great Lakes brew but didn't get a chance. Too bad Mitt Romney's beer choices can't be criticized likewise, as the candidate is hardly a drinker.