President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron Bond at March Madness

The two took a break from official business to talk basketball over beers and hot dogs in Ohio

Last night, British Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in town for an official visit to the White House, but not before having a little fun. President Obama whisked Cameron off to Ohio only hours after his arrival in D.C.

The gentlemen stopped into the Buckeye State to catch Mississippi Valley State vs. Western Kentucky, a NCAA tournament basketball game during March Madness. Over classic game concessions, the president and the prime minister sat front row for all the action. During plays, President Obama explained the game and what was happening to the fellow world leader. At halftime, the two commented on the game to an interviewer:

"He was giving me some tips," Cameron said. "He's going to help me fill out my bracket." President Obama replied, "And he's going to teach me cricket!"

More pressing matters are on the agenda today, as both leaders have meetings to discuss the upcoming NATO and G-8 summits, as well as Afghanistan, the Middle East, Iran, and the global economy.

Before the trip comes to a close Thursday, the president and the prime minister, along with their wives, will host a State Dinner tonight with the likes of a few famous faces such as Homeland's Damien Lewis and The Artist's own uber-celebrity Jack Russell terrier, Uggie.

Details on the menu are scarce as of now, but sources say pork belly and slow-roasted lamb, favorites of the prime minister, might grace the list. 

Though the leaders won't be in the kitchen during tonight's festivities, they both like cooking dinners of their own. They've barbecued together in the past, but President Obama makes a mean chili and Cameron credits himself with his signature pasta with spicy sausage. In the spirit of food love, the Obamas have given the Camerons a few gifts: a grill with engraved with American and British friendship flags as well as White House chef jackets embroidered with their names. The first lady also gifted Mrs. Cameron a vase of White House honey.