Pre-Workout Food Options


In order to get the most beneficial workout, you need to prep your body for its upcoming output of energy!

The best pre-workout foods should be easily digestible, contain 10-20 grams of protein and have a high glycemic index. What is a glycemic index? It’s essentially a scale that measures carbohydrate levels that are quickly digested, which is the most important factor of your pre-workout. Here are some yummy, satiating foods to get you through:

Oatmeal: The delicious grain of the gods. This whole grain will leave you with a full (but not too full) feeling through your workout. You can spice up your oats by adding a dash of honey, cinnamon, fresh fruit, granola or brown sugar.

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Protein Pancakes: Substitute the normal flour or pancake mix for a protein-packed breakfast! Including protein powder in your hot cakes give added flavor and protein to an already yummy meal.

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Smoothies: Ingredients like Greek yogurt, fruit (especially bananas), protein and OJ call for for a protein-packed, delicious pre-workout smoothie! Try adding peanut butter or PB2 for a protein addition. You can even switch up your recipes. Check out these posts on Spoon U about delicious and healthy smoothies!

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Protein Shakes: The classic shaker bottle is becoming all the rage. Protein powder is a good pre- or post workout supplement. They help your body prepare for a workout or fulfill your protein needs after a workout. The best part about protein is that it can be mixed with milk for additional Vitamin D benefits. There are plenty of flavors to try and experiment with.

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Get the summer body you’re looking for the healthy way. Try adding a pre-workout meal to your regimen and you’ll feel better. Like the mantra I live by, “Happy insides make for a happy outside.”  Spring has sprung, so enjoy!


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