POTUS Potables: US Presidents' Favorite Drinks

A roundup of the favorite cocktails and well-known drinking habits of past presidents

As someone who greedily devours everything Sarah Vowell and David McCullough write and who owns the Founding Fathers Pez dispensers — mint in box, thank you very much — I get pretty hardcore about the history of the presidents of the United States.

With Presidents’ Day just around the corner, I decided to ask not what we as Americans will be drinking but what potables our present and past POTUSes indulged in. Whether imbibing cocktails, quaffing mixed drinks, or downing straight shots of booze, these former presidents enjoy(ed) bending an elbow, and some got a greater workout than others. Check out which presidents drank what, and toast to them when you're celebrating the upcoming three-day weekend.

— Vivian Gomez, HellaWella


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