'Portlandia' Promises Pop-Tarts, Brunch Etiquette

On the season finale, Carrie Brownstein eats the 'corn oil and preservative' treat

Carrie Brownstein and the poptart.

Leave it to IFC's Portlandia to school us all in brunch etiquette — you simply don't cut the line.

On a sneak peek of the show's season finale, Nance (aka Carrie Brownstein) tries to cut ahead at the bustling brunch spot, Fisherman's Porch. (Maybe she should have checked out more of Portland's best eats.) Guest star Tim Robbins hands down the ultimate punishment for committing such a brunch sin — "corn oil and some kind of preservatives mixed together in a chemical stew." That's hipster speak for a Pop-Tart. 

Get excited for the finale tonight with the clip — or watch the best foodie-snob clip on the show, "Is it local?" That chicken does look happy...