Porkchop & Co. Farm Feast On August 9th

Savor summertime's bounty at Skylight Farm

Fresh-plucked tomatoes are on the menu at Porkchop & Co.'s and Skylight Farms supper this Saturday, August 9.

This Saturday, August 9, Seattle's forecast calls for farm-fresh feasting, as Ballard’s Porkchop & Co. and Snohomish’s Skylight Farms are cooking up a magical meal. Starting at 5 p.m., guests will enjoy a tour of the farm followed by a supper featuring produce plucked from the field. Menu highlights include smoked beet puree, tomato, and melon salad; deviled eggs from Skylight’s chickens, and braised goat from Boise Creek Boers. The icing on the cake will be fresh fruit tarts from Parchment Bakery.

Since opening in April, Porkchop & Co. chef Paul Osher has been garnering praise for his mouthwatering sandwiches and market-inspired fare. Despite the piggy name, Porkchop & Co.'s menu showcases Seattle's agricultural bounty, and Osher sources some of his ingredients from Skylight Farms—a family-owned, sustainable farm along the banks of the Snohomish River.

The tour and dinner are just $50 per person, and for an additional $25, diners enjoy wine and beer from Porkchop’s fellow Ballardites, Reuben’s Brews. Tickets are available at Porkchop & Co or via the event's site.


‘Tis the season to be outdoors; why not savor the summer with this field feast?