Pop a Bottle: What Beer to Drink This Week, 'Yeezus' Edition

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With Kanye West’s 'Yeezus' dropping, we’ve got the answer to your perennial question, 'What beer to drink this week?'
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Curious about that sucking sensation? It’s the vacuum created in pop culture the moment before it’s completely consumed by the hip-hop sensation and new father Kanye West.

"Yeezus," West’s sixth studio album, arrived this week and good or bad, it will be as omnipresent as the NSA throughout your summer. But before presidential denouncements, media scrutiny, and Kanye’s unique talent for contemptibility taint the album, try listening to it with a perfect beer pairing.

A personality and sound this huge deserves a beer that is substantial, dark, but can also be surprisingly delicate. Try pairing "Yeezus" with an Abbey-style Dubbel. This Belgian-style beer was made popular in monasteries throughout Belgium, but is now produced by secular breweries as well. The style earns bonus Kanye points for having a complicated relationship with religion. Dubbel is a dark burgundy, has a strong but pleasing yeasty aroma, and a caramel maltiness upfront, with a lush dark fruit finish. Like a Kanye record, the Dubbel is an exercise in balancing excess. Plus, many breweries offer their Dubbels in a traditional corked and caged champagne bottle, allowing you to turn your listening party into a celebration. Sample Westmalle Dubbel for a traditional take on the beverage from a monastery brewery, or Brewery Ommegang’s Abbey Ale for an affectionate take on a classic with a dose of all-American ingenuity.

And there you have it: Your answer to the question of what beer to drink this week.

Christopher Toia, Lifestyle Mirror


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