French Internet Horrified by Improperly Cut Cheese

A French Reddit user showed the way his mother cuts cheese, and the Internet was not having it

This wheel of poorly cut Camembert cheese is making French Internet users extremely upset.

Some things in France are sacrosanct, and wine and cheese are very high on that list. That’s why this week the French Internet was horrified to see a wheel of poorly cut Camembert.

According to The Local, a French Reddit user going by MajinJack tattled on his mother by posting a photo of a mangled Camembert wheel with the caption, “The way my mother cuts Camembert.”

Camembert is a soft, round cheese which should properly be cut in small wedges from the center of the cheese wheel. MajinJack’s mother appeared to have sliced hers so it looked more like a big L than like Pac-Man, and the French users of Reddit were not having it.

“There’s cause for a loss of nationality there,” one said, according to The Local’s Rose Trigg.

“We’ve guillotined people for less than that,” another said.

Still a third suggested MajinJack take legal custody of the Camembert, because it was clearly being mistreated in her hands.


MajinJack says he doesn’t dare confront his mother about her cheese-cutting error, so she isn’t likely to reform her ways any time soon.