Police Called to Deal with Panhandling Llama in McDonald’s Parking Lot

A couple with a llama on a leash was asking for money at McDonald’s

Wikimedia/Alexandre Buisse

Police were called to deal with a llama in the parking lot of an Alabama McDonald's, but later reports indicate it was actually an alpaca.

It’s not unusual to find a few late-night panhandlers asking for money in a McDonald’s parking lot, but one couple threw the restaurant staff and local police for a bit of a loop when they showed up to ask for money with a llama on a leash.

According to AL.com, on Tuesday night the manager of a McDonald’s in Calera, Alabama, called police to say there were panhandlers in the parking lot asking all the customers for money. That’s not an unusual call for the time of night or for the area, but the manager added that the panhandlers had a llama with them--a real, live, furry, spitting llama--and it was eating all the shrubbery around the restaurant.

Police came rushing out to the restaurant to see if reports of the shrub-eating llama were true, and they were.

The couple told police that their car had broken down up the road and they were looking for money to get it fixed. Police said there were no signs of harm being done to the couple’s animals, and that the couple left the area quietly after being so instructed.

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The responding police officers took some selfies with the llama, because nobody would believe that story without proof, and they gave the couple about $25 towards getting their car fixed. Later, however, they discovered the animal was not really a llama at all. It was an alpaca.