15 Ridiculous Wine Labels Slideshow


Project Happiness

The Project Happiness label, from Oreana Winery in Santa Barbara, is distinguished by the simple and iconic smiley face.

Big Fat Llama

This label, from a Chilean vineyard, clearly has an appreciation for plump farm animals. 

Hello, My Name Is

This wine, from California's Central Coast has some fun with the well-known, and often-mocked introductory name label. 

Blasted Church

This Okanagan Valley vineyard clearly isn't afraid of blasphemy. Their website's welcome message notes, "Blasted Church wines are often celebrated for their divine quality. Our wine labels, however, give heartburn to the most discriminating oenophiles."

Fault Line

The Leona Valley Winery is clearly having some fun with the fact that the area often gets hit with earthquakes.


A South Australian Shiraz with label art inspired by the costume of Mexican lucha libre-style wrestlers.

Nothing Sacred

Again from Blasted Church Vineyard, this irreverant label features a tipped-over cow (who was apparently not sacred enough).

Now & Zen

The "Wasabi White" blend from Alsace, France is a wine you could really get metaphysical with.

Pinot Evil

Hear no... see no... speak no...but definitely drink some Pinot Evil.


A female French toad doing the can-can -- très risqué, indeed. This sparkling wine from Toad Hollow Vineyards actually joins a series of bottle labels featuring dressed-up cartoon toads.

Royal Bitch

A Chilean wine with a royal attitude.

Smoking Loon

 A play on Howard the Duck, perhaps? This Don & Sons Vineyard wine often gets praise for being a great value.

The Heretic

With a name like The Heretic, you migh suspect that Four Wines Vineyard is in cahoots with the folks from Blasted Church.


Something to drink while watching the Twighlight saga, perhaps? The Napa vineyard also makes equally-amusing bottles of Dracula, Chateau du Vineyard, and TrueBlood wine.

Bonny Doon Vineyard

This title-less label from Bonny Doon Vineyard has a kind of psychadelic, wolfman-meets-his-ladylove vibe. Check out the website, it's even trippier.