Plan the Perfect Wedding Shower

What every shower should have, and four fun themes to inspire your planning

A bridal shower is one of the many wonderful "satellite" parties that surround a wedding celebration. It gives family and friends the opportunity to shower the bride, and perhaps the groom, with love, good wishes, and yes, gifts. For the eager host, it’s also a great excuse to pull out all the stops and throw a fun theme party.


Planning the Shower

When it comes to bridal showers, there are some basic guidelines to follow. For starters, a bridal shower is often hosted by a friend, relative, or co-worker of the bride or couple. The invitees depend on who’s hosting, but generally include the bridal party, family, and others who are important to the honoree(s), such as good friends and work colleagues. These days, the guest list can follow tradition and be restricted to ladies only or can include the bride’s male friends and even the groom’s favorite guys. 


Shower Essentials

Three things need to happen at a wedding shower: delightful refreshments must be served, amusing games must be played, and of course, the bride (or couple) must open every single gift. 

A note to the clever hostess — although a wedding invitation should never include registry details (it’s considered bad form, as it’s issued by the bride or her family), a wedding shower invitation is expected to reference the registry or type of gifts preferred, for the convenience of guests.


Personalize the Party

Choosing a theme or mood for the party makes it personal and special. How do you choose a theme? Think of the person or couple you are honoring and design your party around them. Consider their personalities, hobbies, or interests, or their unique love story — whether they’ve known each other since kindergarten or met in an exotic locale. Are they sophisticated foodies or the outdoorsy type? Once you have a theme in mind, tailor everything — the menu, decorations, and activities — to match.  Here are four unique inspirations to get you started!