5 Fun Bridal Shower Games (with Cocktail Pairings)

Entertaining activities and delicious drinks to make a shower memorable
Bridal shower

Bridal shower

When hosting a bridal shower, planning an activity for the bride and guests to enjoy is a welcome addition that is sure to create lasting memories. To add a splash of excitement and a dash of sophistication your party, we've put together some fun and silly games that are guaranteed fun and will help to acquaint guests faster than mingling over glasses of Champagne. We've also upped the ante, pairing each game with a fabulous cocktail recipe that will make even a simple game of bridal bingo a whole lot more interesting.



Quizzes are the perfect bridal shower activity because they engage guests and are designed with good fun in mind. Another great thing about them is that they allow party guests to participate without ever having to leave the comfort of their own chair.


1. How Well Do You Know the Bride and Groom?

Pair With: Wedding Cake Martini

Summary: Bring out guests' competitive side with this fun trivia game that tests how well the guests know the bride and groom. It's also a good chance for the newer family members to learn more about either the bride or groom.

Recommended Number of Players: 8 or more. (The bigger the group, the better!)

Supplies: Pre-made questionnaires about the bride and groom, pens or pencils, and prizes. To make the questionnaires, the bride should come up with between 10 and 15 questions about her groom. Vary the difficulty for these. Her bridesmaids should do the same for her. Make sure both the bride and groom supply the right answers for each question!

Set Up: Print your questionnaires (without the answers) and print a separate key for the person who will be scoring.


How to Play: When you're ready, pass out both of the questionnaires for guests to answer. Whoever has the most correct answers wins a prize. You can do one prize for the bride's survey, another for the groom, and one big winner, if you'd like.