Pizza Waitress Receives Unusual Tip

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The server was given $500 to honor a last wish
Goldschmidt & Collins

Goldschmidt & Collins

Vanessa Goldschmidt, a waitress at Lincoln Park’s Pequod’s Pizza, came into an unexpected amount of money last Friday, July 12th, the Chicago Tribune is reporting.

In order to honor his late brother Aaron, Seth Collins has been doling out $500 tips to pizza waiters and waitresses. Aaron Collins was 30 years old when he committed suicide in Lexington, Kentucky, and left a will on his computer urging his family to “Leave an awesome tip (and I don’t mean 23 percent. I mean $500 on a (expletive) pizza for a waiter or waitress.”

Collins handed Goldschmidt a stack $500 worth of $20s, as well as a post card that had his brother’s name and photo.  Goldschmidt was the 56th recipient of the gift.

When Seth posted a video online of the first tip they gave, it lead to a series of donations and a campaign to provide the tip in all 50 states to waiters and waitresses recommended by Facebook users. The last wish came as no surprise to Aaron’s family and friends, as picking up the tab at group dinners and leaving large tips was something he did often.

Collins has embarked on the road trip to honor his brother solo, and plans to have enough donations to complete the task.

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To donate to the cause, visit the campaign site, here