Pizza in New York


One of the things I was determined to do while we were in New York City was eat a slice of New York-style pizza. I thought this would be an easy thing to accomplish, but it took a lot more effort than I was expecting. It’s not that there is a shortage of restaurants serving pizza in the Big Apple. On the contrary, there are places serving pizza on every other street corner in the city, but I wanted to make sure I tried it from an authentic spot that is enjoyed by locals. Another challenge was being able to find a restaurant where I could order a slice and not purchase an entire pie. Because we were walking so much and eating at so many different restaurants, I couldn’t handle having to order an entire pizza in order to try one slice.


I figured I would have some luck finding a great slice of pizza in Little Italy, and there were a few places that looked like possible options. However, I had read about the Vodka Pizza at Pomodoro Restaurant & Pizzeria and when I saw it, I knew this was what I was looking for. There was nothing fancy or touristy about Pomodoro and didn’t have any of the tourist vibe that exists in other parts of Little Italy. It was a very casual pizza shop with some tables on the front patio and a counter where you could place your order. The staff appeared to be casual, hard-working guys, and I think the owner/manager, who was wearing a Yankees t-shirt, was the one who took my order at the register. After reading the reviews, I knew I wanted to try a slice of the Vodka Pizza and the guy at the register told me I was making a great choice.


We waited a couple minutes as they got my slice ready and I was really excited about finally finding some authentic New York pizza. Once our food was ready, we found a spot outside and I took a bite of this enormous slice of pie. God bless the people at Pomodoro! The vodka sauce was delicious and offered a little bit of kick and the large chunks of mozzarella melted perfectly over the chunks of tomatoes and sauce. The crust was thin and had a slight char, but offered a great crunch and brought everything together for one complete, satisfying bite. This is one of those dishes that makes my mouth water as I reflect back about it. And for $3.50 for a slice, this was one of the best values of anything we got during our entire trip.


The pizza at Pomodoro was everything I was hoping for. While I still don’t understand the fascination with New York bagels, it’s hard to beat New York pizza if we’re talking about the Vodka Pizza at Pomodoro. And if someone ever asks me for a recommendation on where to get good pizza in New York City, I know exactly where I’ll be sending them.


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