Pizza Cake and Other April Fool's Pranks

The best way to trick your family April 1 is with food

"Lasagna" banana-pudding cake.

Sure, there are plenty of pranks you can pull on April Fool's Day, but the ones to win over your family are ones with food. What if you were eating a "cupcake" and realized it was in fact... meatloaf? Or if you bit into a KFC wing and realized it was made of... Rice Krispies Treats? Here's a roundup of April Fool's Day pranks that transform your food into, well, fun:

Whoever came up with the idea that Rice Krispies Treats, Twinkies, and pudding could be disguised as a KFC bucket of chicken, corn on the cob, and baked beans is a true kitchen whiz. Mom of three, Jill, of Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons, concocted this practical joke for her family. The results? Something delectable, minus the chicken-fried grease.

Pizza, cake — who needs to choose when you can have both? Taste of Home's pizza cake is surprisingly convincing, with "pepperoni" made from strawberry fruit rollups.

Mitt Romney's favorite birthday cake, meatloaf cake, is nothing new — unless you disguise it as a sugary treat. Try it in a cupcake, or decorate it as a true cake.

Grilled cheese lovers may be surprised when they discover Entamman's pound cake with surprisingly cheesy-looking frosting.

We're honestly amazed at Food Network's "lasagna," or banana pudding cake. The trick? Strawberry jam instead of marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, and shaved white chocolate instead of Parmesan. Genius.

Are they fish sticks? Or a sugar cookie wafer with cornflakes? We can't tell — the green apple Airheads almost had us persuaded that they were real peas.

There's more "optical illusion" foods that you can trick your family with this April Fool's Day.