'Pizza Boy Rapist' Pleads Not Guilty Despite Written Confession

Horrific details involve a sleeping child

Cesar Lucas, a 16-year-old pizza delivery boy for his father’s Hell’s Kitchen pizzeria in New York City, has pleaded not guilty to burglary and rape despite police releasing a handwritten letter in which the disturbed teen admits, "Cesar got type of disea [sic] in a way he never had felted [sic] before." Lucas allegedly gained access to the woman’s apartment after delivering pizza to another floor. Upon discovering an unlocked door, Lucas found the intoxicated woman sleeping next to her 7-year-old daughter and allegedly committed the rape while she slept, later stealing $20 from the young girl’s purse.

According to police statements released after the hearing, Lucas responded to the arresting officers, asking, "What's going on? Why are you arresting me? I've been arrested before for the same thing. I broke into an apartment. It's still pending. I have to go to court." And indeed he does, for charges relating to a separate break-in where he allegedly stole a woman’s wallet while she slept in her Midtown apartment.


While initially only copping to breaking-and-entering, Lucas has since admitted to the rape but blamed the act on those thoughts he said he "never had felted [sic] before."